Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cult of Personality

Nikita Khrushchev gave his secret speech to the 20th Party Congress in the Kremlin fifty years ago...
...Robert Conquest
...Wm. Taubman
... Anne Applebaum
... Claire Bigg
... Roy Medvedev
... Jeremy Page
... Boris Kagarlitsky
... John Rettie BBC Radio 4 story
... Nina Khrushcheva
... Tom Parfitt
... Richard Bruner

... and what an electrifying speech it was.
This a straight copy from Arts & Letters Daily today but they don't provide hard links. Of course I could send you there and describe what to look for but... Whatever, this relates to an earlier post about Karl Rove. I haven't read all of referenced articles yet but what I have read leads me to the question- "At what point will the pendulum have swung far enough for some future chief executive (small c, small e) to apologize for the current mess?"
Forsooth, here comes the dreamer. Let us slay him and see what happens to his dreams.


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