Saturday, September 02, 2006

US Debt far worse than admitted

With no fanfare or media coverage, the US government released its latest financial statement. In the report it is revealed that Bush is lying through his teeth about US debt and deficits and that the USA is in deep, deep trouble.

Bush says the 2005 deficit was $318 billion, the report says it was $760 billion.

Bush says the per-capita share of debt was $28 thousand but the report says it is actually $156 thousand per person.

Bush says the total debt was $8.3 billion, the report says it is $49 trillion.

The White House does not want you to read this book. Although federal law compels U.S.Treasury officials to publish the information in this Financial Report,they hope you will not see it.That's why they issued this shocking news just before a major holiday without a press conference or even a press release. They succeeded.There was no media coverage.
Why This Report Matters to You ]PDF]



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